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    Our Stance on Refunds:

    All payments are final and are usually non-refundable. Attempting a chargebackopening a PayPal dispute, or opening a Cashapp dispute will result in permanent and irreversible banishment from all our servers. 

    Refunds are fine in certain cases. We have a system in place for this.
    Just give us an email at [email protected] for a refund. It's much easier.
    Depending on the conditions of the payment, you might get one.

    Chargebacks are heavily flawed with refunds. You should just contact us instead.

    • Chargebacks could take as long as 75 days to be resolved. It includes constant communication.
    • We provide proof of every purchase. Chargebacks are very unlikely to be resolved.
    • Our server will 100% fight back if we do lose.
    • You are very likely to lose $20 because of fees.
    • Your accounts could be flagged or disabled. Especially with PayPal

    Contact Us:

    Refunds: [email protected]
    Business: [email protected]
    Other: [email protected]